What is EFT and how can this help me?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique; it is a combination of ancient and modern techniques, founded by Gary Craig in the 1990’s.

With EFT we tap on various acupressure points on our head and upper body. It is like acupuncture without the needles. Tapping relaxes the unconscious mind so we create space for change. EFT cannot change what has happened, but it changes the way you feel and understand what has happened. You can then give it a place, freeing yourself from the feeling and or limiting beliefs. EFT is easy to learn and apply, can be used anywhere, anytime and is an effective tool. There are no side effects.

The most difficult task is to remember to use it!

How EFT helps me in my daily life

I started my EFT training in 2017 and I’ve been amazed at how many events in my life I had consciously forgotten but my body had remembered. From food cravings to certain fears and limitations. During my training we had to exchange many EFT sessions with other trainees and over time I noticed I could catch myself much easier in challenging situations or I did not even get triggered. I now feel stronger, calmer from deep within and I’m more in touch with my emotions. Using EFT together with Reiki has increased my resilience.

What happens when we tap?

Especially when we are very young, we pick up limiting beliefs, fears or habits in various ways, through events that happened or were witnessed by us. We have the saying “kids are like sponges”; this not only refers to learning but also goes for emotions and beliefs, how people react etc. All these events form what we believe about life (danger, pleasure, how we view ourselves etc.) These are unconsciously stored in our bodies. They can limit or stop us from the things we want to do, feel and how we show up in life. There are now a good number of scientific studies showing that our emotions and thoughts play an important part in our daily life.

Gently and at your pace, we work our way back to the original creation of the belief, fear or habit. We do not change the past but with tapping, we can change the way you feel about what happened.

What does an EFT session typically look like and how can it help me?

We start by focusing on what is bothering you, what you would like to change and how you would like to feel. Next, we hone in on where, if anywhere in your body, are you feel this? We give this a score from 1 to 10, so we can track your progress. Focusing on how you are feeling in the truth of this moment, we create a setup statement.

The aim of a setup statement is:

  • to state out loud what you like to change, or how you would like to feel
  • state out loud your acceptance of what you like to change or feel

We start tapping with 2/3 fingers on various acupressure points on the body stating out loud how you feel and paying attention to what comes up for you. In an EFT session I follow where you take me, it is about YOU, there is no wrong or right. We usually repeat this for a few rounds, take a deep breath, maybe stretch. We will repeat the process typically gaining more clarity on what is really going on for you. Often there are interesting connections being made between how we feel and an event that happened

Engaging the Amygdala

When we tap, we are engaging the amygdala (stress centre of the brain), the hippocampus (memory centre) and the limbic system (emotional centre). Typically after tapping, people feel more removed from the event and do not get emotionally triggered like before. Change can come very fast with EFT. Especially if we can get specific on the feelings and be honest. There is nothing to lose and you cannot get it wrong. The whole EFT session is about you, my job is to gently guide you to discover what is really going on for you at YOUR pace. In my experience, sessions often flow, I trust that whatever comes up in each session is what you are ready to work on and let go off, easily and effortlessly.

Understanding and dealing with our challenges is very empowering. The gains are many. You become aware of the story are you telling yourself and then have the power to change the story. What would you like your story to be?

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic pain

  • Exam or performance anxiety

  • Fears

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Food cravings – see links below

  • Weight loss

  • Grief and loss

  • PTSD

  • Self-acceptance

  • Self-sabotage

  • Stress

  • Trauma


The first time I met Elisabeth I had no idea what to expect and how she could help me.
What followed completely startled me and changed my life. If you saw Good Will Hunting movie you get an idea. Through her methodical work, active approach and most importantly her genuine interest in you and helping you she made me see things from a new perspective that turned out to be crucial for me. I will thank Elisabeth for that for the rest of my life.


After struggling for most of my life with food cravings, I was fed up with constant yoyo dieting. I was fortunate to come across Elisabeth who advertised help with food cravings. Having tried most diets out there I was looking for a new approach and that was exactly what I got with Elisabeth. After just one EFT session my life has been transformed! Food no longer rules my life and the cravings that have consumed me until now have gone.
I feel born again! I’m so grateful to Elisabeth and hope that others in my situation find their way to her.


Tapping (EFT) came in a very hard time of my life and helped me to overcome my fears, it helped me to see things clearly and to heal some issues from the past.
I did tap on myself as well, it was good, but I felt the difference when Elisabeth was guiding me. It was like she could see things I could not, and she direct me the right way to arrive deeply in some problem. Something I could not have achieved tapping on myself.
I felt relaxed and more powerful after each session and I came back on a regular basis for more.



Peta Stapleton – Scientist at Bond University studied 120 obese patients who admitted to being powerless over food cravings.

Science behind the Tapping


Ted Talk with Peta Stapleton, an Australian Scientist


Tapping on the news in Seattle USA



One Session 60 Min – $85.00
3 sessions paid in advance 60 min each – $210.00 (this can be a combination of Reiki or EFT)

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